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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sixpenny dam and Dyer Quarry 2014

A great walk on much less traveled roads. 

An anomaly showed up on Google maps while looking fora place to park to explore the Dyer Quarry which is on the East side of RT 345 in Birdsboro.What I found was The Sixpenny Dam which is on the Six Penny Creek south of Birdsboro PA parallel to Geigertown Rd.

When I saw this odd little man made spot from the satellite view on the West side of 345, I had to check it out. There is a network of abandoned roads that are now great walking trails back in this hidden area. There are no signs, just a small parking area large enough for maybe 3 cars. When you start to wander the abandoned roads you will find the dam an swimming hole and plenty more. Just a beautiful area.

I took the trail to the East and crossed over 345 and headed up the hill (not recommended) so I could see the larger dark spot on Google maps which is Dyer Quarry. The views are breath taking and my photos do not do it justice. You can see for miles and the water is so clear in the quarry. The water is so inviting from the top, but a 250 foot plunge was not in the works for me so I walked to the bottom. It is so amazing to look at the cliff-side and know that I was just up there. I had a bit of a scary trip.

There was one area that the path was only about 18 inches wide with a sheer drop to the left into the quarry 250 feet below and a 75 foot very steep hill to the right. After passing that it was very enjoyable.  

Note: Watch your step and travel with friends if you choose to explore the quarry.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Geocaching on The Susquehanna on a rainy day

Don't worry. I show the caches, but not specific locations and I hid them in the same place but in a different way. I love geocaching and todays rain didnt stop me. It just drove me further south to explore an area I had not planned on visiting today. I was so happy to find the caches along the river, but the rain forced me back to town to hunt down some urban C&Ds but the rain was not at all cooperative. I am amazed at the number of caches along the SusQ and in Lancaster County so I will be back for more.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Geocaching at Neversink

My first day back to geocaching and what better place then Neversink Mountain. I have been here several times, but I never expected to come across an abandoned 19th century wine cellar and a vineyard that has been neglected since the early 1900s. The wine cellar is a huge 35x50 room that is 30 feet high or more with ominous Hellraiser movie like chains hanging from the ceiling. It was so cold in that cellar that it was difficult to take any pictures. Not because my lens was fogging up, but because of the "steam" pouring from my body. It enveloped me and the camera giving an ominous vibe to the place. It was a shame to see some vandalism, but we can fix that and discourage this behavior in the future. It would be nice if we could  tell everyone where this place is, but there are some who would ruin it for others. I am honored for the chance to see it. This vineyard and wine cellar are on the site of a sanitarium in the late 1800s to the early 1900s which was burned to the ground with little evidence surviving. This cellar and a nearby "concrete pond" and remnants of the  railways peers that brought people here, are almost all that remains. the Witches Hat Pavilion at the crest of this mountain is a small piece of the puzzle in this once grand resort area turned into a Tuberculosis clinic known as a sanatorium to treat the "white plague" or "consumption" as TB was once refereed to as. The treatment back then was fresh mountain air, clean water and rest. That works for me, but times have changed and my reason for visiting this place are far more pleasurable then those visitors from the past that probably never left this place, but not by their own  choice.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

SlyFox Bock Fest 2011

The SlyFox Bock Fest is an interesting way to market a micro brewery in Pheonixville PA. They hold a goat race each year and this was my first time to attend this event. I was not expecting much, but as soon as I got close to SlyFox Brewery I could see that this was not just any old promo event. I drove down to the fairgrounds for parking and a free shuttle back to SlyFox and I couldn't believe how many people were there. The beer was so much better then I could have imagined and who would have guessed that watching a goat race would be so much fun. I think the live Polka band and German Beer fest atmosphere just made this event something that I will not forget. For me the SlackerBock beer was delicious and the winner of the goat races was a three legged goat named "Peggy". Although there was one wipe-out during the race, no goats were harmed during this event, but I can only assume that a few million brain cells were killed in the enjoyment of this festival.