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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spring sprang

Winter has come and gone without barely a peep from me. Now that Summer is almost here already, I thought I better get around to sharing my thoughts and tell you whats been keeping me busy.

Nothing to report here, sorry to waste your time. Just kidding.
Work and rediscovering life has been fairly uneventful except for one very special young lady.
I have been lucky enough to find a friend to remind me that that there are good people out there and that there is more to worry about than what brand of TV to buy, or car to drive. And most importantly, that friendship is probably the most valuable thing on the planet, and accepted universally. Distance and schedule have played a role in my absence from this blog, but mostly, I haven't posted because I found my time better spent talking with this wonderful person.

As summer approaches I'm sure that I will have more to share soon, so keep in touch.

For the special someone I mentioned, Ang ganda mo talaga! and Maraming salamat.
You have humbled me and brought me new hope.