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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If someone tells you to take a hike, thank them!

I discovered new trails north of Siver Mine Park. They were better than I ever expected. I had no idea that trails like this were so close to home. I saw what appeared to be trails using Google Maps in the satelite view. I was right. I'm so glad that I followed my instinct and looked where I was sure there was nothing.

The trails were fairly well maintained, but it appears that they are not used often. Probably because not enough people know about them. The entrance just looks like a utility road for the township, probably leading to a dump or something of similar significance. I was pleasantly surprised to see so much more.

It was so tranquile and peaceful, the only sounds were that of the birds and the beating of the dragonflies wings or the occasional plunk of a turtle entering the water. I was alone on the trails, but I felt so surrounded with joy. Even a Blue Heron made its presence known keeping me company on the trail.

I was surprised to find the actual entrance to the silver mine here, and not in the actual park. I also discovered several caves and streams that I never knew were there. Many of the people I talk to that grew up here didn't even know about this area. Everyone should know about this wonderful place, but I wish I could keep it just for myself. This is an unnexpected refuge that words and photos can't possibly describe. You have to see it for yourself.

You probably thought I was talking about something else at first didn't you!
So I'm telling all of you to take a hike! It's fun and so good for the body and soul!