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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Charice Pempengco, a rising star

A few weeks ago I heard of an aspiring young singer from the Philippines named Charice Pempengo. I was so amazed by her voice that I decided to share a few videos with you, and you may have already noticed the MP3s playing in the playlist. You may have seen her on "Oprah", or "Ellen" here in the US, or on "Sharon" (there Oprah) in the Philippines and who knows where else. Charice Pempengco is a rising star in the Phillipines and soon the world. She has an amazing voice and so much control, passion and range even at the young age of 16. (Some videos are older).Please excuse the subtitles and the poor quality of some of the videos, but they are from the US, the Philippines, Korea and the UK. David Foster is her new talent agent, so you can expect her to have more available soon, keep your ears and eyes open for this girl! She is going to be big!

I also included her first official music video release since her appearance on "Oprah". It is called "It Can Only Get Better". So will she, you can be sure of that!

Opens in a new window so be sure to stop my ORB music player by pressing the little x or press II to pause if it is playing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bruce! Thanks for sharing about Charice. She is an inspiring beautiful young soul of which the icing on the cake is her incredible pipes. You are amazing too, for writing about this girl. Thanks, thanks and thanks again....Can't say it enough...
Jordan of Virginia