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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Halloween

These mini pumpkins were decorated by a co-worker. I thought you might enjoy them since Halloween is coming up soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Foliage in Lancaster County PA

Fall is here and showing us all of the brilliant colors before winter arrives. It was such a crisp cool morning so I went "foliage hunting" and I was happy with what I saw. My destination was the Octorara Reservoir, but there was so much to see on the way as well. These were roads that I have traveled many times, but they were so much more enjoyable because the journey was the destination. When driving from here to there you sometimes miss out on what is in-between. Today, it was what laid between that mattered the most.
We have more color this year then we did last year. As I started my trip I was thinking that I shouldn't bother, I should just wait one more week. But as I went further I saw that some of the color I see today, will be gone tomorrow, and that tomorrow will show new colors. So this will be an ongoing post and album.

My one true love

She is with me wherever I go, and I love every moment we have together. she wakes me in the morning and lets me know when it is time for bed, she can be so hot, but cold at times. She warms my heart and soul most of the time, and occasionally she rains on my parade and makes me feel blue. She brings so much joy and beauty to my life, and I miss her when I can't be near her. She throws obstacles in my path sometimes, but she always shines through to light my way even on the darkest days. There is nothing more magical then when I have the opportunity to explore her, and see all of her. I always want to explore more of her and see more of her because I can never get enough of her. Sometimes her beauty surprises me and leaves me in awe of her. Other times she shows her strength and can be so destructive. But she always makes it right, and repairs what she damages. Sometimes she even makes it better than it was before she showed her rage.  She is the love of my life and if you don't know her well I encourage you to take the time to get to know her, and explore her like I do.

Nature is an ever lasting love that I enjoy and want to share with everyone and I encourage all of you to get out and enjoy the great outdoors!
So what were you thinking?
Get your mind out of the gutter and into the woods! She wants you to explore her.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Digital TV

There has been allot of talk and commotion about the "new" digital over the air TV and in February 2009 most stations will stop broadcasting in analog. What does that mean to you? Well if you have Cable TV or satellite TV like Dish Network or Direct TV, you have nothing to worry about and you don't have to change or buy anything.

What's the difference? To over simplify it, analog is like a handwritten letter with spelling mistakes and a pen that is running out of ink so much is is unclear. Digital is like a typed letter with spell check turned on so everything is clear and nothing is lost and what you see is what you were meant to see without error.

If you receive your TV stations using an older TV and an antenna, either built in or set top like rabbit ears, or even an outside antenna like a mast antenna, you will have to either upgrade your TV to digital, or buy a converter box to continue watching TV.

If your TV is HDTV, SDTV, DTV or has any digital tuner built into it you will be able to receive any available digital over the air station within your reach depending on your antenna. If your TV does not have a built in digital tuner you will need a converter box which you can buy at most electronics stores.

I decided to experiment with digital over the air. Two years ago I bought a new TV and made sure that it had a digital tuner built in. Mine is SDTV which is Standard defenition Digital TeleVision. It's nothing fancy, a flat screen CRT not a fancy expensive flat screen plasma or LCD but it is digital. Any way, I bought a tiny little amplified antenna for $50.00 just to see how good or bad the picture was.If it was bad, I can always return it.

After setting the TV to scan for digital channels I was amazed by how many local channels I could receive, and the the clarity was amazing! Even on my cheap TV, with a cheap indoor antenna, the over the air signal is comparable to DVD quality. I switched back and forth between analog (what we have now) and digital several times and I couldn't believe the difference. Same TV, same antenna, same station, but digital surpasses the quality of analog 10 fold if not more. I stopped saying wow after a few hours.

I do have digital cable TV for now so I was able to compare between free over the air digital channels and digital cable, and the over the air picture and audio was far better. I will miss a few channels on cable like History Channel and Discovery Channel, but I won't miss the high cable TV bills. Instead of paying $50+ for cable TV every month, I spent $50 for the antenna and I will never have another bill.

There are also "alternate" local channels available depending on where you live and the stations available to you. For example my local station, WGAL has it's regular broadcast on one channel D08-1 but also broadcasts a 24/7 weather outlook on D08-2. And a local PBS station has different programs on 2 channels D33-1 and D33-3. Without digital I would not even know that the other broadcasts exist, and even with my cable provider, I had never seen the "other" PBS channel.

I guess what I am saying is that digital over the air is far better than even digital cable and you can't beet free! You will loose many channels that are only available on cable or satellite, but if you can do without those , save a buck by going digital over the air. After you buy a decent antenna, you will never have to pay the cable or satelite provider again.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hike at Tuquan Glen

This morning I revisited Tuquan Glen. It was a wonderful Crisp clear morning. I followed the southern trails as far as they allowed until the trail seamed to fade into the woods. A fellow hiker wandered this wonderful place with her daughter and we crossed paths a few times. There is still so much to explore there, so I will be returning again and again. It was such a nice leisurely hike.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Loves sunset and sunrise

Distance is merely an obstacle that can be overcome not a barrier that cannot be breached.
If you love someone you can overcome any obstacle in your path to make your dreams and wishes become your reality regardless of how near or far away they are. When hearts are meant to be together there are no limits to what can be accomplished. Love is not just an extension of friendship, it is an enrobing of friendship and desire and longing for one another and a partnership and caring for each other. Love is a gift that you can only keep if you share it, and it is the most precious gift that I have received in a long time.
I love you sunshine!

My heart and soul belong to you Lucina, you are my sunshine!
When I first wrote this, it was about miles being the obstacle, but I realize that distance can also mean emotional distance between two people in the same room or home. That too can be overcome if you are willing to let down the barriers that protect your heart. This note is for all of you that need to confront the barriers that make you feel distant from those you love. It is in no way intended for my dear Lucina.