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Sunday, October 19, 2008

My one true love

She is with me wherever I go, and I love every moment we have together. she wakes me in the morning and lets me know when it is time for bed, she can be so hot, but cold at times. She warms my heart and soul most of the time, and occasionally she rains on my parade and makes me feel blue. She brings so much joy and beauty to my life, and I miss her when I can't be near her. She throws obstacles in my path sometimes, but she always shines through to light my way even on the darkest days. There is nothing more magical then when I have the opportunity to explore her, and see all of her. I always want to explore more of her and see more of her because I can never get enough of her. Sometimes her beauty surprises me and leaves me in awe of her. Other times she shows her strength and can be so destructive. But she always makes it right, and repairs what she damages. Sometimes she even makes it better than it was before she showed her rage.  She is the love of my life and if you don't know her well I encourage you to take the time to get to know her, and explore her like I do.

Nature is an ever lasting love that I enjoy and want to share with everyone and I encourage all of you to get out and enjoy the great outdoors!
So what were you thinking?
Get your mind out of the gutter and into the woods! She wants you to explore her.