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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year - You decide

Happy New Year!
Is that a statement, a plan, a wish or a dream?
It is all of those things and more or nothing but another day passing if we choose it to be.
For many, the new year has already begun. No different from yesterday, Simply a new day.
Tomorrow and the new year is what we decide it to be. No not everything is within our power to change, but it is up to each of us to make each day as good as we can make it, and accept the things that we cannot change, but work on changing the things that will make each day better. I was reminded today by the love of my life that no matter how bad I think things are, it could be worse, but I believe that because it can be worse,  it can also be better. It is up to us to choose our path when we can, and make the path more interesting when we don't get to choose it, and to appreciate each new day good or bad.

Whenever the sun sets here I know that it is rising elsewhere and will return,
hopefully bringing good fortune from it's journey around the world.
I'm looking forward to the Sunshine in my life next year and for all days that follow.
Happy New Year
is my wish for all of you
and my dream for tomorrow
and my statement of self empowerment
And my pledge that next year will be better.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I have to admit that I have been struggling to muster up that Christmas spirit this year thanks to the economic slump we are in, but my neighbors, friends, coworkers, family and my new family have brought out that feeling of love and joy and sharing that was hiding so well.

They all reminded me in there own way that Christmas is about so much more than presents or presence, and that the greatest gifts are love and friendship even from miles away. What made this Christmas so special for me this year is knowing that my new family loves me as much as I love them even though we are so far apart. I don't know how I deserved such splendid gifts this Christmas, but I am so greatful.

My neighbors brought quite a bit of joy into my home. they had some trimmings left over from their Christmas tree and I decided to jokingly arrange them as a "tree" for me. they were nice enough to help me decorate it and I have to admit that it turned out kinda cute. I hadn't planned on having a tree this year, but it is so nice to have this "tree" and the smell of pine throughout the house.

I realized that I am lucky to have the chance to work for a great company like Mellott Brothers. When so many businesses are closing, they are working hard to keep things going and they even took the time and effort to have a Christmas party to thank their employees.

It was a very nice get together with wonderful food and a festive atmosphere. It was allot of fun gathering around the pool table or relaxing at the tables with coworkers talking about work, family and what is to come for next year. We all had a nice time anticipating our extended Christmas vacation and what the new year will bring.

I wish All of you a very joyous and wonderful Christmas and a plentiful new year!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I did a bad bad thing, I hope you like it.

I have corrupted the innocence of the humble popcorn!
This simple low calorie, fairly nutritious snack never saw it coming.
I didn't even see it coming, it just kinda happened!
While I was trying to quit smoking I turned to popcorn as my substitute.
Sure, Popcorn with just enough butter and salt is good, but I needed more.
It started out so simple, maybe we could spice things up with some seasoned salt.
Hmm, better but not realy different.
Maybe some Goya Adobo seasoning will make a difference. Now that's better!
As good as that was, I just knew that it could be better.
A pinch of Old Bay Maryland Crab seasoning might be all it needs.
Oh, it might be illegal for simple popcorn to taste that good, but what if I add some Parmesan cheese too?
Oh I know I'm going to hell now! I turned this simple innocent low cal treat into a sinful snack.
I should be so ashamed!

But here is the "recipe".

I have found that the "Jiffy Pop" stove-top popcorn trays taste better and stay fresher longer even after cooked then any other uncooked popcorn available today. Microwave popcorn is nice, but it doesn't stay fresh and crisp for very long.

Start with one Jiffy Pop Tray, Pop as usual
As soon as it is done carefully open the top of the foil enough to sprinkle
 1/4 teaspoon of salt
 1/8 teaspoon Goya Adobo
 1/8 teaspoon of Old Bay
 1 ounce or less of Parmesan cheese
 Shake well to distribute the mixture evenly while the popcorn is hot.

transfer the popcorn to a suitable bowl and mix even more and adjust seasonings to taste.
This mixture will store nicely for about 4 to 5 days in a sealed container.

Note: If you leave out the Parmesan cheese the popcorn mix will stay fresh for as long as 10 days in a sealed container and still tastes very good.

On a side note,
Jiffy Pop also makes for an  excellent redneck fire alarm.
Just kidding. Have fun with food!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I Quit!

For those that have known me for years you already knew that I have been a fairly heavy smoker for half of my life. I started smoking at about 20 years old as a carpenter and I have tried to quit no less then 10 times. I have smoked anywhere from a few a day to a pack or 2 a day. As a carpenter, you don't keep count, and no one pays much attention to it. I'm not a carpenter anymore, and even though others helped point out how much I was smoking, I still didn't pay attention to how much it was affecting my health and my life.

My body has been telling me to quit for years. Asthma, but there's a medication for that, High blood pressure, but there's a medication for that, excess stress, but there's a medication for that, right? Any ideas? Suggestions? just kidding.

Guess what. 30 days ago, on 11/8/08 I finally found the motivation and the strength to decide to quit. I set the quit date as 11/15/08. It's been a bumpy road, but I had already surpassed a goal by the 20th when I faltered and had a cigarette. It didn't mean that I failed, it was just a bump. That was my last cigarette 30 days, 22 hours and 15 minutes ago, but I'm not keeping track. God I would love to have a cigarette right now! Yes, I am smiling when I say that because I know that I am finally strong enough to choose not to smoke.

I don't care if pride is a sin, but I am proud of myself! I actually did it this time! I encourage all of you smokers to find your motivation and quit when you are ready to quit. If you can't do it for yourself, do it for the one you love, or for your kids or pets, or for work or financial reasons. I don't want to preach, but just quit!
I'm so glad I did!

Hay, Can I bum a smoke?