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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I have to admit that I have been struggling to muster up that Christmas spirit this year thanks to the economic slump we are in, but my neighbors, friends, coworkers, family and my new family have brought out that feeling of love and joy and sharing that was hiding so well.

They all reminded me in there own way that Christmas is about so much more than presents or presence, and that the greatest gifts are love and friendship even from miles away. What made this Christmas so special for me this year is knowing that my new family loves me as much as I love them even though we are so far apart. I don't know how I deserved such splendid gifts this Christmas, but I am so greatful.

My neighbors brought quite a bit of joy into my home. they had some trimmings left over from their Christmas tree and I decided to jokingly arrange them as a "tree" for me. they were nice enough to help me decorate it and I have to admit that it turned out kinda cute. I hadn't planned on having a tree this year, but it is so nice to have this "tree" and the smell of pine throughout the house.

I realized that I am lucky to have the chance to work for a great company like Mellott Brothers. When so many businesses are closing, they are working hard to keep things going and they even took the time and effort to have a Christmas party to thank their employees.

It was a very nice get together with wonderful food and a festive atmosphere. It was allot of fun gathering around the pool table or relaxing at the tables with coworkers talking about work, family and what is to come for next year. We all had a nice time anticipating our extended Christmas vacation and what the new year will bring.

I wish All of you a very joyous and wonderful Christmas and a plentiful new year!


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