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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunny Days Again

Todays snow reminded me of an old poem of mine.
I wrote this "poem" when I was a youngster and decided to share it here tonight due to the snow and current conditions with the country, the economy and my love.  I think I wrote this when I was 12 or 13 years old.


{or what ever might happen}


Bruce Flanagan

As the fiery sun sets upon the cold white blanketed world,

it seems to give us a sign that it will return tomorrow even brighter than today;

forgetting all that has gone on and forgiving the bitter cold trespasser of the night

that has passed through, leaving the world in yet another cover of this lazy neve of snow.

It warms the world with its bright seemingly tepid rays

to make the icy surroundings a bit more bearable.

And in many a case, a bit more beautiful.

The sun, although often taken for granted,
gives somewhat of a feeling of security

and serenity.

Although at night we can not see the sun, we know that it is out there,

helping someone else get through the day, as it has helped us

and that it will reciprocate this for a long time to come

in the best and worst of times.

It helps us through the day in many ways.

Obviously it may warm our bodies with its fervent rays

making the day more enjoyable.

But at times, this warm feeling is not only with our bodies, but within our hearts.

Even if the sun doesn't shine today,

it gives us hope for the days to come.

And the world seems a little warmer

even in the dead of winter.

For those of you who are curious about the photo I chose for this post. It was the only photo I took of this snow storm so far. I took it on my way to work this morning. That is where I work, and for me it represents the cold hard truth that as bad as it is I am lucky to still have a job, for now. There are far too many people that are looking for work. I hope this storm ends soon, and I don't meen the snow that started falling again tonight.


gengen said...

This is a very good post my friend sometimes if it is always snowing people really ask if where is the sun heheh. Thanks for coming by and commenting. I hope the economy will be better soon/.