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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fat Today, I mean Fat Tuesday or Fausnaught Day

Today is the day that the Amish used up all of there excess fat to make donuts, or doughnuts called fausnaughts. Unfortunately, the English as we are called if not Amish, have decided to capitalize on this tradition and you can get a fausnaught at any grocery store or Turkey Hill Mini Market, or bakery.

They range from the traditional bland dough balls to simple sugar coated to a common heavy powdered sugar coated variety. I personally think it is just an excuse to eat donuts! That's ok with me! I can blend in with the culture and eat a few donuts, I mean fausnaughts.


momgen said...

is that a doughnuts ? Hubby like that but I am not a doughnut eater very sweet. Thanks for coming in my site. happy weekend.

Bruce Flanagan said...

To me it is a dense doughnut, but to the Amish and the locals it is a Fausnaght. It's a way to use up excess fat, lard, and sugar before Lent.
They actually don't taste very good unless you have a sweet tooth, and I do not.