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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day a day apart

Today is Valentines Day for me, but for the woman that I love so much it was yesterday so forgive me for being a little bit depressed today. Neither of us knew whether we should celebrate it apart yesterday, today or if at all. I chose to consider yesterday Valentines Day since it comes before me in the Philippines and she always will even when we are together.

I wouldn't recommend a long distance relationship to anyone, but for those who doubt whether love can be felt 8,600 miles away, I reassure you that it can be. If love can't be felt from that distance, then neither could the heartache of being apart that I feel right now.

What matters most is that I don't need a holiday to tell her that I love her.
I loved her yesterday, I love her today, and I will love her tomorrow. 

I love you Sunshine, Happy Valentines Day again!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right. What matter most is that we love each other no matter how much distance separates us. It is what we feel in our hearts that counts. It is the longing and yearning of our soul that bridge the distance between us. I love you honey!