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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stormy Skies

An interesting storm just blew through here. It looked like a tornado could form, but it didn't here, just horizontal rotation between the layers of clouds and small hail, about 1/2" and smaller. The most interesting part was the smell of ozone and sea water in the air since I am about 150 miles from the ocean. It smelled like a day at the beach and I'm not the only one that smelled it. The temp here rose to about 64 degrees, but then suddenly dropped to about 51 degrees within about 15 minutes. There was also a significant difference in temperature between ground level and my balcony only 12 feet above ground. Coworkers and customers told me that for them the temp had risen to nearly 80 degrees and dropped to the 50s just as quickly.

I love watching storms like this!

Spring is here!

Oh and there was a tornado warning, but I only found out after the fact, I just wanted to take the photos.
Update: 3-30-09 There was a tornado just north of me and there was significant damage to buildings, but fortunately no serious injuries.
Here are photos by viewers from our local TV station WGAL