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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Direction from above

While looking for answers and direction in my life I decided to look to the stars, kinda. I knew that I wanted to go somewhere, but I didn't know where or why so I consulted the almighty GPS. I'm new to geocaching but I'm hooked! If you're not familiar with it, it is like a cross between hide and seek and treasure hunting with clues. Someone hides an item refered to as a cache and then tells people the GPS coordinates online with maybe a hint to begin the hunt. Your job is to find the cache.

~~~ If you're a geocacher  -   Spoiler Alert! ~~~
~~~ Images below clearly show the caches! ~~~

I have realy needed a distraction the past few weeks, and this was perfect. I had a great time looking for two geocaches today in the Lancaster County Conservancy. Aside from my GPS locking up all went well and I had fun looking for these treasures. It still blows me away that this type of place is only a few miles from home. 8.6miles according to The seeps were interesting, like watching a streem being born. The vast views and the closeup beauty were all so impressive. Seeing the field of Daphodiles growing in the wild was, well, wild. The work they are doing returning open farmland to nature is an impressive project and the way that nature is voluntarily taking back what we left behind is compelling. This is a must see region that mingles with the Conestoga Trail. This was a perfect spring day to go for a hike, but I wouldn't have known about this place if not for

Note: When my GPS locked up and I had to restart it by removing the batteries, I lost my trail so there was no backtracking. Always save a waypoint for where you park! I continued to another cache hoping that I could get back by instinct and memory and sence of direction but I wouldn't recomend it in a broader setting. In fact my instinct told me that all I had to do was keep going north and I would cross the road I parked on. I was wrong. The road I parked on ended 100yds west of where I parked and the path I was going on was 1 mile or more west of that point.

Updated 4-12-09
I returned to House Rock Nature preserve. I was hoping that the Daphodiles would be in bloom, but I still enjoyed exploring more of this area today.