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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sorry for your loss

But if I hear one more person tell me how much money they lost in the stock market!!!
We are starting into our busy season and it seams that every other customer wants to complain about losing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars last year in the stock market.
Well boo hoo!

I can't wipe away your problems, but I'm so sorry that you lost more money that you gained without working for in the past year then I have fought so hard to earn in the past five or 10 years. But somehow you deserve it more then the rest of us so I have to feel bad for you. My nuckles have blead while you shed nothing more then friends that no longer fit your monetary bracket, but I should feel bad for you?
I'm so sorry that you might have to give up one of your million dollar condos for this season. It's such a shame that you might only be able to visit 20 states and 3 countries this year to reduce your budget to probably $200,000.00 for the summer season. No one should have to limit there international travel to less then $20m to cut down on expenses.

The rest of us should work harder and spend more then we can afford even if it means loosing our homes or not being able to put food on the table for our kids, just so you can profit from our hard work and revive this economy It's our civic duty! It's ok that we have to struggle to make ends meet while you sit in the sauna. Never concern yourself for those who keep that sauna clean, or the streets free of debris or the beaches pristine or hotel room perfect. don't worry about it, timmy ate yesterday and he will be over in a moment to blow bubbles in your bath for you to make your day better.