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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cacheing in at Silvermine

You may already know that I love going to a local park here in Lancaster County PA. It's called Silvermine Park in Pequea Township. I love this park. It has so much to offer and so close to home. It's a great place for the family for walking, biking, hiking, bird watching, or even geocacheing.

I found 3 of the 4 geocaches so far. One has eluded me so far. That just gives me another reason to go back again. I Am always amazed by what I find when I am not looking and tonight after work I found a wild "pitcher plant" called "Jack in The Pulpit" here in this park while trying to get a better view of a cache site. I also wandered into the cave a little bit this time. It was so cool! Literally!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spoiler Alert! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Images below show the cache and may reveal the location.

The first cache was supposed to be in a half gallon container with a red lid. Guess what, I found a half gallon container with a red lid. I was surprised to see the cache in such poor shape and no log or trinkets inside, just ants and mold, and why would anyone use a sprayer?

It wasn't the cache, just a discarded half gallon sprayer with a red cap. I went back and found the real cache that I nearly tripped on the first time and retrieved the garbage I discovered so it could be thrown away. CITO!