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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shiprock Hike and geocache

I'm feeling better, so I decided to look for some geocaches today. It was beautiful weather, and I decided to stay local again. Both caches have been on my to-do list, but now that my GPS actually works like it should, I had to go "hunting" for the elusive cache. The first was at Shiprock Nature Preserve In Willow Street PA. This geocache was here in town, which I didn't even know existed until I started using This preserve is wonderful, and well maintained.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spoiler Alert! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Images below show the cache and may reveal the location.

It was such a nice hike in the woods. The sun kept trying to peek through the clouds and the newly forming blanket of leaves on the trees. This preserve is alive with life both flora and fauna, the birds and squirrels own this sanctuary, but there was also an unseen visitor that I wish I had captured with my camera.

There were more Blue Jays and Cardinals then you can throw a stick at, by the way, don't do that. (I don't know where the phrase came from either) I think I also saw a Brown Headed Cowbird, but he seemed out of place in the woods.

I was determined to find this cache now that I have a working GPS unit. It didn't let me down even once today. No crashes or dumps or resets. No lost tracks or misdirection. This thing even locks in when I am inside a building now!

Any way, the hide was excellent! I only found it because the GPS said it was "here" but I couldn't see it. I decided to look for a place that I would put it if I was hiding it. I saw a great place, and it looked like there might have been activity there. But why put it on the back side of that tree? Nope, closer then you think. My dog feels so bad the way you used his words, but so happy to be at the base of that tree. Hint hint.

I was so happy to find that geocache that I had to look for another that I have passed by many times. This is in my daily travels, and some of the photos I took I have been meaning to stop and take for awhile, but the Cache was my incentive to explore. I discovered a trail that I might have to get permission to travel on that follows an old railroad bed. This cache gave me an opportunity to walk where I normally drive, so I could take some photos of a couple of interesting buildings and a root cellar.

~~~~ Spoiler alert again! ~~~~~
Some of these photos show the cache and it's location.

What a great place for a geocache! It's obvious that the person who placed it apreciates the beauty and charm of Lancaster County. The Amish farm nearby with the root cellar and the chickens and the old rail station are emblematic of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. The Farmstead nearby is a treasure from the past. You may notice that the white barn was built by Andrew and Kate Mehaffey in 1878.

This was such a relaxing day filled with new sites and closer looks at familiar places. It's never too late to look in your back yard for treasures. I keep finding treasures everyday.