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Friday, July 31, 2009

CITO in Rays Woods

Wow, another week has already passed by without me writing. I have less time now that I don't have a job then I did when I was working, but looking for work is a full time job. Last saturday, the 25th, I went out on my First CITO Event in Rays Woods. Only 3 other geocachers showed up and only one person from the Lancaster County Conservancy. The five of us worked hard and laughed plenty, sharing experiences and tips and ideas.

When you first walk into the woods it looks pristine and tranquil. The tranquility wears off after you look a little bit closer between the ferns and leaf litter. This beautiful place had been a dump for the locals for hundreds of years. Nature has done a great job of reclaiming the organics like food waste, papers and certain plastics etc.., but the glass and most of the metal that "we" have left behind will be there for centuries if ignored.

This was the second CITO event here, so when I arrived there was already a mound of trash bags that needed to be moved so they could be hauled out of the woods before we even started picking up the trash on the forest floor. Within an area the size of the average first floor of a home we filled an additional 20 or more bags of garbage and discovered numerous antique bottles and interesting trinkets. It seemed like just when you think you are done in a spot, you discover another layer of trask below you, Just keep on digging. To know that fellow hikers can enjoy this place safely and animals can walk through the woods without cutting themselves makes it all worth the effort.

Reminder: CITO means Cache In Trash Out, and please never forget that whatever you take into the woods should come back out with you. Pack it in Pack it out is a simple rule to keep nature natural.