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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goin' Batty

People are so worried about bats because of all of the horror stories and urban legends. I welcome bats in my back yard because they do such a great job with insect control. They eat the bugs that bite us, like mosquitoes, gnats, some flies etc...

They won't nest in your hair unless you have a maggot farm up their. They won't swoop down and bite you on the neck. Generally speaking they don't want anything to do with us so they try to stay away. They only cross our paths because we provide a condition that encourages bugs to gather, so they come for dinner with no intention of staying too long unless the buffet is open all night long. We might have a light that draws in the mosquitoes and moths, or an opening that gives the bats a place to sleep in peace during the day. Whatever it is that draws them to your home is good for them and they are good for you. However, you should try to keep them out of your home and provide them with their own bat box either on the side of the house, or on a post, or on a nearby barn or shed.

Note: it is not recommended to handle bats, but this poor guy had recently passed when he was found by a neighbor, still hanging from a window sill. And don't worry, that is black paint and grease on my hand, I was working on the bike at the time.