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Friday, July 31, 2009

Return to The Cow Hurling Incident

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about tubing on the Pequea and the Geocache that we had retrieved. Well my camera was soaked too and I didn't get any pictures of the cache so I returned today. I am so glad that I did because this section of the Conestoga trail is nice and flat and parallels the Pequea creek on a nice little traveled road. After crossing the bridge that was closed I wandered up stream towards the treasure. What a nice quiet country road. The Heron was even quiet as he flew down stream looking for lunch. I found the cache again to get my photos, but the best things I saw were the delicate little flowers along the side of the road. Some of these flowers I had never seen before.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spoiler Alert! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Images below show the cache and may reveal the location.