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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Windows 7 is in the breeze

Have you heard. There is a new Windows opening up and the first draft feels pretty good. It's a pretty cool breeze so far. Ok, enough puns, but Windows 7 is pretty cool!

Those of you who know me will be surprised when I suggest to at least try Windows 7. If you like XP and you wished that Vista was better, then you will love this. It's "Vista" done right with enough "XP" to keep it familiar to most users. I'm testing Windows 7 RC on an old Dell Dimension 2350 bare bones system and aside from having to update my onboard audio and video drivers, it has worked flawlessly! I'm still playing with it, I mean testing it, but so far I am impressed. Even on this older system it is running very well. It's fast and so far very reliable. (Note the low CPU usage and acceptable RAM usage. This is with  a few programs open including Media Player wirelessly streaming music from my music server in another room.

Much of this OS is different from what you were used to in XP, a little bit like Vista, but basically all its own. This feels like a complete rework of Vista. There are few prompts like Do you want to open X? Why would you have clicked on it if you didn't want to open it! The start menu is well layed out and less cluttered looking then Vista. The only gripe I still have is having to hunt to create a restore point, but at least you can create restore points like in XP. The networking controls are a bit confusing at first and not all of the tools you need are in the same place. For example when you setup a new wireless conection there is no where to indicate what type of WEP key you are using so you will not be able to connect until you left click on the wireless icon in the sys tray and then right click on the connection you want to use and choose Properties. This should be in the same place as creating a new conection, but they will fix that I'm sure.  I'm still not a fan of Internet explorer 8, but that's why God created Fire Fox (just kidding).

I normaly wouldn't suggest that you buy an OS or any program, but right now you can buy Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade from for only $49.95! You probably won't beat that price anywhere. I normaly wait until the first Service Pack comes out after real people like you and I have used a new OS and worked most of the bugs out of it, but the Release candidate that I am using has very few bugs. The final retail version will probably be excellent for most of you right out of the box.

Just to make it clear, this is not a paid endorsement, I am not getting a dime from Microsoft or for this post, I just wanted all of you to know about it. If both of you enjoy the article and the OS, I will be happy. If you hate it, then, they made me do it!  {:^)