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Friday, September 25, 2009

West Lampeter Fair

Today we attended the West Lampeter Fair near our home. Even though I have lived in this area for close to 18 years, neither of us had ever been to this fair before. It was allot of fun and so nice to get out on a nice cool evening. There were probably thousands of people at the fair, but it only started feeling a little bit crowded when it came time to visit the funnel cake stand. You just can't go to a country fair without eating some funnel cake.

There were tents filled with sponsors and exhibitors and crafts and of course animals everywhere you looked. The tractors and farm equipment was interesting but is was allot more fun watching the Western Horse Show. Miranda and I enjoyed wandering the fair grounds and seeing all of the pigs, goats, rabbits and cows etc... My favorite was an art exhibit showing off some excellent photos and some great paintings. We finished the night off when our best friends showed up so we could spend some time with them at the fair. I hope this is a sign of the fun we will be having this fall.