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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

White Christmas

After a severe but beautiful snow storm this past weekend, it looks like we are going to be blessed with a white Christmas this year. With up to 19 inches of beautiful fluffy snow here in Lancaster County PA and the cold temperatures, it looks like this blanket of white will be remaining through Christmas and maybe till the new year.

The snow began very early in the morning on Saturday and just kept building as the day progressed. It seemed like in no time at all the dullness of winter was replaced by a brilliant white coat that engulfed the bushes and brightened the dull, dark lifeless streets and ground. The afternoon and evening posed a challenge to most travelers whether on foot or in a car, but to get out and see this attraction was a must for all.

By Sunday morning it was evident that our work was cut out for us. The shoveling and plowing was accompanied by some frozen fingers, toes and noses, but more importantly by good friends and neighbors helping one another and embracing the snow and the joy that this holiday is bringing and the wonderland that god has created for us. The kindness of strangers was not lost on me when I was lucky enough to have my car pulled from a snow bank unharmed unlike my pride. Those who helped asked nothing in return and quickly drove off after freeing me from my chilly predicament.

The snow left behind such a picturesque scene almost as though some higher hand had reached down and touched the land to bring a bit more joy to all during this blessed time of year. This snow arrived just in time, not to disguise the cold realities of winter, but to warm the hearts of those who appreciate the good tidings and cheer that abound this time of year.

Merry Christmas everyone,
and have a wonderful and blessed New Year!