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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Facebook Chat Emoticons

Do you use Facebook chat?
Did you ever wonder how people make those cute little faces in the chat window?
Well it's pretty simple just type a few characters and hit enter if you know the keys to type.
I made a simple list of the available emoticons or smilies that you can use in Facebook chat.

Here is a list of facebook chat emoticons and smilies :)

Facebook Chat Emoticons
facebook-chat-emoticons-smiler   :)
facebook-chat-emoticons-bigsmile  :D
facebook-chat-emoticons-cat-smile  :3
facebook-chat-emoticons-happy-eyes   ^_^
facebook-chat-emoticons-wink  ;)
facebook-chat-emoticons-sad   :(
facebook-chat-emoticons-errr :/
facebook-chat-emoticons-crying  :’(
facebook-chat-emoticons-aiya  >:o
facebook-chat-emoticons-doh   >:-(
facebook-chat-emoticons-wink-kiss   :*
facebook-chat-emoticons-tongue   :p
facebook-chat-emoticons-pacman  :v
facebook-chat-emoticons-gasp   :o
facebook-chat-emoticons-woot   O.o
facebook-chat-emoticons-angel   o:)
facebook-chat-emoticons-devil  3:)
facebook-chat-emoticons-sunglasses   8-|
facebook-chat-emoticons-glasses   8)
facebook-chat-emoticons-heart  <3
facebook-shark-emoticon  (^^^)
facebook-chat-penguin-emoticon   <(")
facebook-chat-emoticons-robot  :|]
facebook-chat-emoticons-putnam  :putnam:
These are all of the Facebook chat emoticons that are currently available.

You can use the list from here, or download it to your desktop.

I hope you enjoy the list and have fun on Facebook.