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Monday, September 27, 2010

Blue Marsh Exposed

Recently there was a large release of water from the dam at Blue Marsh Lake in Berks County PA to help diminish the effects of drought in Delaware. This dam release lowered the levels by roughly 6 to 8 feet and exposed shoreline that has not been seen in many years. As I rode my mountain bike on the newly risen beach like shores surrounding the lake, I was taken aback by the realization that where I was riding would normally have me well under water. It was so interesting to see the rough shale like surface with mingled broken rocks and formerly submerged tree trunks. With the water level this low a few of the foundations from former homes re-emerged to once again feel the footsteps of people upon there floors. It was almost surreal to see the outlines of homes with side walks leading to roads which used to pass through here before they dammed off this area for a reservoir. The asphalt of the sunken roads was in surprisingly good shape and it felt odd to ride along a road that had been under water for so long but is now here to remind us of the past.