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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hawk Mountain

Hawk Mountain is a wildlife refuge and raptor conservation center in Berks County PA. It is an excellent place to hike and view mother nature and observe many raptors like Hawks and Eagles. There is of course plenty of other wild birds, but the area is best known for its Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles Along with Red Tail Hawks, Sharp shinned Hawks, Coopers Hawks and many other species.

The weather was fairly warm for late October, about 72 degrees, but it started out a bit more overcast then I had hoped for. The trails were a bit more challenging then expected on our first branch of trail so we had to retrace our steps and choose a new path. The trails improved for a bit until we got closer to the North Lookout. As the trails became more rocky a light mist from the low clouds we were entering started creeping in.

The view from atop the North Lookout was amazing and certainly worth the short hike. The panoramic vista is so beautiful and on a good day I'm sure the view goes on and on to the horizon. As we retreated to the car, the clouds began to wring out their moisture as the light mist increased to a steady drizzle. As we passed previous outlooks it was clear that we had made it just in time to appreciate the views which were now obscured completely by clouds. We made it to the car just in time for the rain to start, then a stop at the Port Clinton Hotel warmed us up and filled our bellies before heading home. I look forward to hiking here again very soon.