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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to my babies.

Today we celebrate my two daughters birthdays. They came into this world as angels and touched my heart even though I never had a chance to touch them. Each day I share my life with them in my thoughts and prayers, but as close as they are in my heart, I miss the possibility of ever holding them in my arms. My life is filled with moments and events that I wish that they were with me to experience so that I could see there precious little smiles, or hear there cute little laughs, or even see those deep eyes light up in amazement. But that is my selfish side. I know that where they are is peaceful and far more exhilarating and fulfilling then here on Earth with me. They are free of life's torments and tormentors and they came into this world as they left, pure and loved.

You are forever in my heart.
Happy Birthday Cheyanne and Aspen.
Love always.