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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Geese at Sinking Spring Quarry

It was nice getting back to the quarry today to pick up some trash and view the water fowl. There were several species of geese and ducks and several other varieties of water fowl all congregating on this private little lake hidden away from most eyes. I did my best to be quiet and move slowly so as not to spook or upset the wading fowl, but I had to maneuver through some noisy brush to get to some of the trash. I upset a few geese and some birds flew over to check me out, but over all it was quite a treat to see them there so peaceful. Something spooked the Snow Geese and they all flooded the sky in a rapid accent towards the sun. The increasingly loud roar of their wings was amazing to hear and then to watch them come back in was breathtaking. It was worth hauling away a little trash to see this hidden treasure again.