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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sixpenny dam and Dyer Quarry 2014

A great walk on much less traveled roads. 

An anomaly showed up on Google maps while looking fora place to park to explore the Dyer Quarry which is on the East side of RT 345 in Birdsboro.What I found was The Sixpenny Dam which is on the Six Penny Creek south of Birdsboro PA parallel to Geigertown Rd.

When I saw this odd little man made spot from the satellite view on the West side of 345, I had to check it out. There is a network of abandoned roads that are now great walking trails back in this hidden area. There are no signs, just a small parking area large enough for maybe 3 cars. When you start to wander the abandoned roads you will find the dam an swimming hole and plenty more. Just a beautiful area.

I took the trail to the East and crossed over 345 and headed up the hill (not recommended) so I could see the larger dark spot on Google maps which is Dyer Quarry. The views are breath taking and my photos do not do it justice. You can see for miles and the water is so clear in the quarry. The water is so inviting from the top, but a 250 foot plunge was not in the works for me so I walked to the bottom. It is so amazing to look at the cliff-side and know that I was just up there. I had a bit of a scary trip.

There was one area that the path was only about 18 inches wide with a sheer drop to the left into the quarry 250 feet below and a 75 foot very steep hill to the right. After passing that it was very enjoyable.  

Note: Watch your step and travel with friends if you choose to explore the quarry.